Hidden beach of South Goa | Perfect Beach For Couples

This is a magical land of adventure, packed with stunning views and water life. The charm of the hidden gem has an air of calmness and peace. The semi-circle shaped scenery, the millions of butterflies soaring over the hilltop trees, and the acrobatics of the dolphins around provide a wonderful experience at the Butterfly Beach in Goa.

I rarely meet people in Goa who knew of Butterfly Beach. Most people know it, by the name of Butterfly Island, of those few who did. The semi-circular shape and the fact that a boat ride helps travelers to imagine an island.

It's NOT an island to assert. It's a beach, just north of the bay of Palolem. It is truly one of South Goa's most lovely beaches. But it's much better to get to the beach by boat, because a competition forest trek requires the country trip from the local beaches. The butterfly beach greets you in the image of butterflies, spring dolphins and a breathtaking view to guarantee a perfect Goan beach experience.

In the meantime you can observe many special butterflies (named after this beach) that float around the area, taking the life of that beach, apart from dropping their feet into a crystally clear waters and enjoying aquatic life. Another important thing about this beach is that it is shaped naturally in the form of a butterfly that adds another factor to this beach incidentally. The beach is filled with beauty, sea turtles, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs and goldfish. Some of these sea animals were found in the low tides on the beach by frequenting tourists.

Very few dedicated visitors can get there due to its dark location, where neither bikes and vehicles are able to survive fragmented bodies of water, steep climbs, fields and wooded areas. This is the best beach for couples as I can claim, so that visitors who found this beach took a trip along the sea route which proved to be the only path towards this exotic place. With your partner, you can spend your best moments in life.

Not available accommodation. Not suggested camping overnight, unless you wish to find a leopard too. There are no restaurants or shops on site (as of August 2019; in future tourism can ruin that). Carry food and drinks for yourself. Don't mess with languurs. Don't mess with langurs.

Best time to visit Butterfly Beach Goa:
It is between November and March when Butterfly Beach is best visited in Goa. The temperatures are good during these months and there is not a lot of rain. It makes it possible for travelers to both enjoy the sun and the sea. Even in April and May the trip to Butterfly beach is not too bad.

You can also enjoy other activities

Take up a yoga class:
This is the perfect place to distress and rejuvenate your body and your mind as you join hands with nature, while you relax and refresh your soul. Yoga Country and a couple of other resorts provide yoga retreats and programs on your vacation.

Only a long journey through the jungle or on a cruise can get to this resort. The jungle trek is my favorite choice, particularly as the jungle makes getting lost very easy. And it's still more fun, especially if you choose to go alone during the shoulder or off season (like I do).

From the valley of Leopard (if you come from Palolem), you can begin your journey. If you have a 2-wheel, you should take the 2-wheel before you start walking.

Party at a silent Night Disco:

The silence of this beach cove is surrounded by woodland of white sand and crystal-clear waters. Upon dusk, the dark sound club revives. This disco organizes headphones to enjoy music and the fun of the experience while keeping the beach silent.

One can witness some Breathtaking Sunsets:
There are some beautiful sunset views you can enjoy from the secret Butterfly beach if you're done with enjoying the sea life.

Other places to visit near Butterfly Beach: Conco Island, Leopard Valley, Yoga Land and other tourist attractions on the beaches of Agonda & Palolem.


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