Savari Waterfall , Goa| India's Best Waterfall.

View Of Savari Waterfall.

When we think about Goa, we mainly think about North Goa – the most famous beaches ' commercial party hub. What else did you do on your visit to Goa, if I ask you?

Many of you might say "partying."

Yeah, it's okay. Things so common. So common. Goa is popular for beach parties, cheap liqueur and seafood. I'll be showing the other side of Goa today in this article, very quietly. South Goa.
Therefore, South Goa is more quiet, clean and less crowded while still carrying some of the most beautiful beaches, temples, waterfalls and also wildlife hubs. And what we're going to talk about this time is one such wildlife center – Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

The wildlife sanctuary of Netravali

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary of Netravali is ideal for an exciting break from everyday life. If party and beaches just represent your goo ride, then in this beautiful state you'll miss some great places.
Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts is a major tourist attraction, wildlife enthusiasts and ideal for this relaxed yet adventurous break. For wildlife lovers is Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, a well-known wildlife reserve in the Goa. In order to protect the Western Ghat area, Netravali was declared a wildlife sanctuary by the Goa Government. Netravali has an area of 420 km2, which hosts a rich and varied biodiversity and has connections to Madei Wildlife Sanctuary. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is located between the Northern and Southern Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.
Prepare yourself for plenty of nature and a dense forest along your way. 

Netravali has become known for its beautiful forests and wildlife. Here you will also find a large range of mountains, which are religious and of social-cultural significance to the inhabitants of the area. A few exotic birds and animals you will encounter. The big paws, the black panthers, the slender loris, the king Cobras and giant squirrels are some of the wildlife found here. There are also a variety of other species. Stop at the lovely Bubble Pool, which is appropriately named. Children will enjoy this picturesque element of water. The Sanctuary of Netravali is a significant source of fresh water, known as the Netravali, a vital tributary of the Zuari River.
The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary area has two waterfalls. I saw only one of them.

Trek route of The wildlife sanctuary of Netravali

Savari waterfall

Once you reach the waterfall of Savari, which is located in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, you have to walk about three-four kilometers. It really seems like you've entered a different world.
Although the hike is very difficult, it's worth your ultimate destination. The sound of continuous waterfalls lulls your senses and immediately relaxes you. A two-step waterfall is a relatively shallow swimming pool at its foot and is suitable for diving in. At any time during the year you can visit but the best months are the summer months to be released from the sun. And it's always better to travel in a group, particularly if you don't know or visit the area. Likewise with the Mainapi waterfall, which is also a challenging walk close by.

The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is about 70 kilometers away from Goa's airport. Like most of the places in Goa, if you have no personal vehicle, the best way to reach you here is by a two-wheeler.
On both sides of the road, when you drive there, the beautiful vegetation of the Konkas, the rice fields, and west Ghars greet your view, but the site is not likely to be most accurate. In those cases, we advise you to ask a local to be sure of the roads.

Road to Trek route of The wildlife sanctuary of Netravali.

Best Time To Visit
It is best to visit the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary during the Monsoon Season from late June until the end of August, when vegetation is fresh, and the weather is good, and you will have an opportunity to view Savari Waterfall at the best of Netravali.
You can also visit it in winter, but during summer I won't tell you to visit it (March to May)

If you're on a long holiday in Goa, say a week or so, you're likely to be looking for a break from its mainstream attractions, and a day in this cradle of nature is your best alternative. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary has too much natural beauty to miss.

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