Top 8 Places to Visit in Goa

Even though Goa is not a destination that you could holiday just for 4 days or a week and vouch to see the whole of it. Yet the below 10 places will give you a sense of satisfaction on making your trip worthy.

1) Calangute Streets for a Shopping Ride

Calangute – Baga lane is one of the worthy ride you could have. And I really meant Ride & not Drive. The streets are always crowded and its always best to hire a two-wheeler and ride along. The lane is full of Restaurants, Cafe’s & Night Clubs. The famous Tito’s is also located on this street.

2) Fort Aguada for the view of Panjim City

Aguada fort seems like the per­fect des­ti­na­tion for a bright evening. The view from climb­ing up the spi­ral stair­case, up the light­house, is ecsta­tic. It is one of the finest beau­ties overlooking the Panjim city.

3) Old Goa Churches & its History

The Old Goa location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the Old Capital of Goa during the Portuguese Regime. One of the churches known as the Basilica is famous for holding the remains of St. Francis Xavier, whose Believed to be the Protector of Goa. The location gives a feeling of the Portuguese time, the place has so much of History.

4) Palolem Beach for a Miami feeling

A scenic beach in extreme south Goa with scenic rocks and islands off its shores. Good eat­ing options. Watersports activity can be enjoyed at its Best on this beach. It is becom­ing pricey (by local stan­dards) and get­ting a bit crowded, but still less crowded com­pared to other pop­u­lar beaches.

5) Panjim City & the Church

To reach the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Panjim, one has to climb 100 steps arranged in a majestic fashion, for the Church sits majestically atop a hillock dominating the heart of the city and offering a bird’s eye view of the main square. The Capital city is placed right on the banks of the river Mandovi which brings about its own charm & sense of vibes.

6) Majorda Beach for a Calm evening walk

Sit­u­ated in the south of Goa, Majorda beach is one that will sweep you off your feet with its canopy of palm trees, soft white-sands, clear waters mere bliss. It has been one of the most pop­u­lar beaches of Goa, and its pop­u­lar­ity lies in its serenity.

Majorda Beach

7) Parra Village

Parra Village
Parra Panchayt
It is the best place to walk through, The picture contains the  road where Finding Fanny movie was shot. This is the most serene place to spend time in Goa.

8) Butterfly beach

Butterfly beach is a tiny beach cove that lies just to the north of Palolem beach at a distance of about 37 km from Margao. The sands here are perfectly white and the water translucent. There is no access to  the beach by road since the area is heavily forested. One can take a 2 hour trek through the forest. Vehicles, not even bikes can make the trip through the forest since the road takes one through brooks, steep climbs, fields and forested areas.

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