Why I Want Go Keep Going Back To Siem Reap Every Year

We are very excited to introduce to our readers Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala's views on Siem Reap. It will be very interesting to have his perspective on travelling to a Combodian city. We would also like to thank him for taking out time and writing this very special post for us.

There are places you do not belong to, far more than what words could count, yet they shall remain places where you keep on moving back time and again. Maybe, you start calling yourself one among the locals soonish. The rivers, the forests, the sun and the moon, all become a part of you and you start to belong to them. Happens with you too? Wonder where? Well for me, it was nowhere else but Siem Reap, Cambodia. The small town is the gateway to the wonder of the world, Angkor Wat. The town is well connected to majority of the international airports. It is the quintessential gateway to the ruins and can take 15 minutes of your time to reach the destination of Angkor Wat.


The ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat, the largest of religious site in the world, is a beauty to behold. It is humongous and easily capable to overwhelm you with size. However, worry not for a three day stay in siem Reap should enable you to explore the majority of it. I have been to the ruins countless times till date, to listen to the bygone history they whisper. For me the most charming part of the day is the dwan, just before the sun rises. It illuminates the complex in a splendid way.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the town, stands the quiet place  Tresor d'Angkor Suite(https://www.tresorsiemreaphotel.com/). Set amid a dainty tropical garden, the property flaunts lush greenery complimented with stunning sunset. Good news is you can ip on your cocktail and watch the spectacular day end at ease on the rooftop. For romantic dinner dates, on request, the service personnels shall arrange for a private experience for you! Under the starry starry nights. I absolutely adore this place. The rooms are spacious and decorated with the best of Khmer artifacts and traditional murals. In case you want to indulge in luxury, book yourself the villa with private pool! The staffs are well behaved and speak fluent English. I always found them to go beyond limit and help one and all with any query!


While staying in this hotel, Tresor d'Angkor Suite, I explored Cambodia beyond the realm of the ancient temple complex. The rich tradition of Khmer royal court that endured the practice of Apsara dance and Phare Circus(https://pharecircus.org/), remain in their authentic form with the skilled artisans. Ask the hotel to arrange for the shows. They are surely worth your evenings. In case you are seeking a way into the wilderness of jungle and open field, rent a bike and visit the villages nearby. Play with the kids on the roads. You may not understand each other in a formal language the smile bridges all the gap! In case you have been fascinated with the explosive tastes of Khmer cuisine, sign up for  a cooking class. They generally start early morning, from a
market visit to procure the freshest of ingredients. And you learn to mix in the hottest of red chillies in exact quantity to prepare the best possible food!


And when I say this, I am not exaggerating. Cambodian people are genial in nature and love to usher their cordial blessings on you, unabashed.From the toothless smile of a child from the village, to the ethnic tribals working in the woods to the farmers putting in all her efforts in cultivating rice, I have seen them all. They look at you and smile, will often persuade to take back home and offer a morsel to share. More often than not, they would not belong to the higher economic strata of the society. However, among them, you might feel at the top of the world. And do not forget to thank me when you do!


The more I talk about Southeast Asian food, the lesser it gets. One of my favourite cuisine around the globe, Khmer cuisine, heavily emphasises on steaming method of cooking with generous amount of coconut cream. You can feast on vegetables, fish,meat and much more. Add to that, they gently reminisce on the Indo French colonial era in their cooking pots. The flavored French stews and many more come in your way! While in Siem Reap, do not miss the great dish Fish Amok. It is a delicacy cooked with river fish, which is further steamed in banana leave. A very rustic style of cooking along with the goodness of ethnic touch.

The nature, the weather, the people and tasty food of the land inspire me to go back often to Cambodia, more specifically siem Reap. One of the finest town of the world, with rich culture, heritage and a strong sense to preserve the same is a quintessential tourist destination among the travellers group! Not only the essential tourist group, do not feel surprised if you see a group of researchers observing the ruins with unbiased dedication. Unearthing the ancient temple complex of Angkor wat and retelling the lost tales surely needed days of perseverance. They shall leave their hotel early at the dawn and come back later, only to write the thesis with utmost minuteness. Every year that I go back to the town of Siem Reap, I discover something new, explore few lesser known waterbody, make friends with someone from the other part of the world, and above all, fine solace, learn to tame my weary heart. To Siem Reap, once more and always!


After completing his M.B.A in 2012, Sai the wizard beyond the travel blog Romancing The Planet (https://www.romancingtheplanet.com/) was never interested to find a day job at the desk but instead set out to explore the world. 5 years later Sai has become one of the top travel bloggers in India and inspired many Indians to get away from desk jobs and become a digital nomad. Sai is now trotting Siem Reap and sharing his experiences on the go through his new blog In Siem Reap (https://www.insiemreap.com/).

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