Prashar Lake Trek:The Best Family Adventure Weekend Getaway near Delhi

Jump Shot on Parashar Lake.

Imagine the massive green grasslands of the horizon with snow-covered peaks. And the high-altitude lake's deep blue waters suit the scenery! Himachal Pradesh is a hidden gem in Prashar Lake, Mandi. Lake Parashar is a Hindus holy place. The legendary sage Parasher is thought to have meditated here. Sage Parashar is Maharishi Shakti's son and Maharishi Vashisht's grandson. He is devoted to the old pagoda-like temple.

Parashar Lake View, Mandi.

Parashar Lake Trek is one of the best family adventure weekend getaways near Delhi, in Himachal's Kullu Valley, surrounded by the long, scenic Dauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur Mountains and the fast-flowing Beas River. It's one of the shortest but most exciting treks you can choose for a long time. Between the lush green wetlands the Parashar Lake intensifies the charm and majesty of the Himachal trek and captures your mind forever.

One of the most impressive facts about the lake is its uncertain depth. Mythology says that when they returned with their guru Kamrunag after Mahabharata, the Pandavas created the lake. He so enjoyed the peace of the place that he chose to stay forever. Bheem created the lake, it is said, by pressing his elbow and forearm at the top of the mountain. Thousands of people come every year to see beauty and discover the secrets that are concealed. People think the lake is beautiful, and give their religious beliefs by throwing money, silver and gold.

Top View of Parashar Lake.

Other things that you can do
You can attempt a 12 km walk to Tunga Mata Temple, over Parashar Lake with Parashar lake as your base camp. A steep ascent on the mountain ridge behind the lake is the way on this trip.
On your way back, you can visit some offbeat spots near the lake, such as Kamrunag Lake & Temple, Chindi, Barot, Shikari Devi Temple and Pandoh.

Trek Route of Parashar Lake .

In fact, from here you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. You will look at the sun falling behind the hill and giving the lake and the temple a soft golden glow. And you can even take a beautiful sunrise here from the hilltop when you are an early bird.

How to go to Lake Parashar?
Prashar Lake is accessible by a motorway, so there are a few ways you can get there.
You have to first leave Mandi to reach Parashar Lake. And since Mandi is a major hub in Himachal Pradesh, you have various ways to get here.

By Air
Bhuntar is the nearest airport about 60 km away. The rest of the distance from Bhuntar to Mandi can be covered by road.
By Bus
From Delhi you can take a bus to Mandi. Busses to Kullu or Manali, go through Mandi. It is normally a journey of 12 hours. You can choose between operators of government and private buses.
You will reach Bagi Village, which is about 50 km away, once you have reached Mandi. Reaching this village takes between 2-2.5 hours. Parashar Lake is only 10 km by road from the village of Bagi and 5-6 km via the forest road.
By Trek
Eventually you can also travel from Bagi village to Lake Parashar if you're a trekking enthusiast. It's a 5-6 km walk through the forest road and takes approximately 3-4 hours. Mostly the trek is simple with some steep climbs on the way. However, you can see beautiful views and rest on the way to the habitats.

Best time to visit Lake Parashar
Best Time for the Parashar Lake Trek – any time of year with the exception of monsoon. Winter trek last week from December to mid-March.
NOTE- Sometimes, due to heavy snow accumulation in January and February, the road from Baggi to Parashar Lake may be blocked.

Where to Stay in Parashar

Staying near Prashar Lake in tents is one of the most likely options. You can pick up your own camping equipment or you can rent a tent here for the night. About 300–500 INR per person here will cost you the camping tent.

Stay at Parashar Lake.

It gets very cold in Prashar at night. So, don't forget to get a warm sleeping bag and a sleeping pad if you're having your own tent. If you don't, you're going to end up shivering all night in cold.
Another option is to take a room here in the Forest Rest House or Trekker's hut. There are two guesthouses around a kilometer from the lake here. There are few rooms here so make sure you book early.

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