KASHMIR, If There Is Heaven On Earth, Its Here

A paradise of india, Kashmir


Kashmir is very beautiful in India between the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal Mountain, located in northern India. This is the position which, because of its magnificence, is known as' Paradise on Earth.' I fully agree with that. All looks so gorgeous that you can't take off your eyes. It always offers panoramic views of the beautiful countryside.

Kashmir enchanting beauty will always appeal to tourists from the rest of the world. It's the best place to visit in India. Because of its unspoiled natural beauty, everyone wishes to visit Kashmir. Kashmir has all you're looking for. Kashmir is surrounded by the High Mountains, the sloppy peaks, the cooling springs, the unspoiled forests. This adds different charm to Kashmir's beauty.For tourists visiting India, Kashmir is a magnet. No parameter is available that could map Kashmir's beauty. This is the only place to do much like trekking, skating, crossing the river, gliding, etc.The state of Jammu and Kashmir, a region which varied widely with people and the environment, is no shortcut for such amused activities. Tourism is the backbone of the economy of Kashmir, Kashmir's Marvellous Square is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty which attracts visitors from around the world. It is one of the visitor's favorite destinations.


SRI-NAGAR: Srinagar is Indian state Jammu and Kashmir's largest town and summer capital. It is located on the banks of the River Jhelum, the Indus and the Anchor Lakes, in the Kashmir Valley. It is a tributary. The city's nature, its gardens, its waterfront and its house boats make it famous.
Srinagar is certainly one of the most beautiful and famously visited places in Kashmir and India. Srinagar is a place with everything from boating, hiking, bird watching, water skiing.Locally the spot is known as the mountain mirror, Srinagar is the first stop for every traveler and in Srinagar, there are numerous places to visits.The biggest town in Kashmir is the Dal-Lake, the jewel of the town, surrounded by green mountains and the main attraction is the Kashmiri cuisine and the culture of the State.

Boathouse In Dal Lake, Kashmir

Best visit time: June to October and December and January are the best times for snow.

In Srinagar, things to do:
 • Stay in the boathouse
 • Visit the Mughal gardens
 • Take the Shikara ride.
 • Shankaracharya Temple
 • Chasma sahi
 • Pari Mahal
 • Nisad bagh
 • Shalimar
 • Harwan
 • Dargah
 • Old city

Note: So many hotels and resorts are located in Sri Nagar, near Dal lake and I would like to make a reservation for a houseboat. Trust me, later you're going to thank us. The houseboat is the best way to make a memorable stay.
Spending two to three days in Srinagar would be enough and it sometimes depends on snowfall.
Best Stay in kashmir
For Houseboat booking you may contact:
Mr. Fayaz Sheikh (Queen's Lap)
+91 99067 47516


GULMARG: Famous as the' Meadow of the Flowers,' Gulmarg is an eye treat with its vibrant flowers spreading over the snowcaps. This area of Kashmir is also renowned for its vast ski options and for the panorama of the adventurer's paradise.

Best time to visit: June to October, December and January for snow.

In Gulmarg, things to do:
• Gondola rides for a panoramic view of the valley.
 •  Mountain Biking,
 • Alpather lake trekking
 • Apharwat peak
 • Trekking,
 • Skiing in Ski resort (if you visit in winters)

Note: Try to spend between three and four days.
SONAMARG: The name suggests that Sonamarg is known as the "Gold Meadow." There is an never ending stream of astonishing flowers and undulating trekking routes. Sonmarg is approximately eighty kilometers north-east of Srinagar. For its amazing aura and stunning views Sonamarg must be on every visitor's list of places in Kashmir.

Best time to visit: June through October, December & January in the snow.

In Sonamarg, things to do:
• Trekking
 • Camping and nature
It would be better to explore Sonamarg for two to three days.

KUPWARA: Kupwara is a small district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, 90 km from Srinagar, the state capital. The prosperous wilderness, the alpine mountains and the bubbly clear waters of nature make the Kashmir region of Kupwara a must-visit destination. This city reflects Kashmir's elegance.
Best time to visit: April to October

In Kupwara,Things to do:

 • Visit Lolab valley,
 • Qamar Reshi Sahib Shrine
 • Sheikh Baba Behram

Strawberry valley, Gulmarg

KATHUA: The south border of Jammu-Kashmir is commonly known as the "City of Sufis." This city has a large number of Sufi shrines within its boundaries, including Punjab and Himachal-Pradesh.Kathua should be on your list of top places to visit in Kashmir for the history lovers willing to have a glimpse of the past of Kashmir. Kathua offers a beautiful view and a peaceful atmosphere on the river banks. The town also provides an entrance to a state and a large industrial town with an military presence.

Best time to visit: Summer is the Perfect time to visit Kathua.

In Kathua,Things to do:

 • Jasrota fort is a must visit for history seekers.
 • Picnicking in Ujh Barrage

PULWAMA: This quaint village in Jammu and Kashmir has a very well-known name as the Rice Bowl of Kashmir and is a wonderful place to experience the beauty of nature of the landscape.Located 40 km from Srinagar, this place has many tourist attractions to explore for the first time. These multicast cities offer the pleasant smell of saffron fields of multiheader, mixed city citizens. The saffron fields and the rich culture of Pulwama can not be sufficient.

Best time to visit: April to October

In Pulwama,Things to do:

 •  Mountaineering
 • Trekking in summers
 • skiing and snowboarding in winters

PAHALGAM (Pahalgam): Pahalgam is regarded to be an illustration of earth heaven at 2740 m above sea level. Located 95 kms away from Srinagar, surrounded by dense forests, lovely lakes and flowers meadows. The other names of Pahalgam are peace and serenity! This small city is known to absorb every visitor's stress.

Best time to visit: June to October, December & January for snowfall

In Pahalgam,Things to do:

 • Visit Betab and Aru Valleys
 • Horseback riding,
 • Canoeing

KISHTWAR: KIShtwar is far away from the tourists, so it's a gem. The landscape is enchanted by its luxurious hills and lush greenery of pine and deodar forests. KISHTWAR is an excellent choice for visitors.Kishtwar National Park attracts wildlife enthusiasts and nature enthusiasts. Apart from that, Machail Yatra and Sarthal Yatra are two highly reverent pilgrimage circuits to be considered during your visit.

Best time to visit: Summer

In Kishtwar,Things to do:

 • Trekking,
 • Camping,
 • Wildlife safari and pilgrimage

DODA: Doda is a place for adventure lovers and nature lovers, blessed with diversity in its landscape. You will consider that as a gem, whether you are a beginner or an expert in adventure. Doda is well known for two Hindu shrines, namely Athra Devi Temple and Chandi Mata Temple, although less popular among tourists.

Best time to visit: Summer

In Doda,Things to do:

 • Trekking,
 • Mountaineering,
 • Rock climbing and temple visit

ANANTNAG: Anantnag is a heavenly spot, filled with lush gardens and freshwater springs. You will enjoy the comfort of a city and the beauty of nature right here.

Best time to visit: Anytime

In Anantnag,Things to do:

You can take a day tour in a number of places like Verinag and Daksum.

Mughal Road : Mughal Road to the Shopian district in the Kashmir Valley from Bafliaz, a town in Poonch District. The 84-km road is situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. At 11.500 ft (3505 m) above Banihal (2832 m), it passes over Pir Panjal Mountain Range.

The road leads to Poonch and Rajouri, in the Kashmir Valley, near Srinagar. From 588 km to 126 km, the distance between Srinagar and Poonch is reduced. It provides alternative roads from the rest of India to the Kashmir valley except for the crowded Jammu-Srinagar highway through the Banihal tunnel (NA 1A). Buffliaz, Behramgalla, Chandimarh, Poshana, Chattapani, Peer Ki Gali, Aliabad, Zaznar, Dubjan, Heerpora and Shopian pass through the route.

It was the rout of Akbar the Great to conquer Kashmir in 1586 and Emperor Jahangir, his son, passed away on that road near Rajouri when he came back from Kashmir. The route was used by the emperors of Mughal to conquer and conquer Kashmir during the sixteenth centure.


 • Naranag Domail Morchai Day Trek
This place is not so busy, but is the base for aventurous hiking. This place in Gandarbal district is located at the foot of the Pir Pranjal hills, connecting with some famous treks in Kashmir.

Best Time to Visit: March to October

Route: Srinagar – Naranag – Domail – Morcha
Duration: 1 Day
Starting From: Rs 2,900 / Per Person

• Srinagar Mohanmarg Day Trek
The Anderwan, where Mohanmarg is a 3 hour walk in the pine forest, is a one-and - a-half hour drive away. The participant is offered the experience of this tour in a few places.

Best Time to Visit: March to November
Route: Srinagar – Wayil – Anderwan village – Mohanmarg
Duration: 1 Day
Starting From: Rs 2,900 / Per Person

 • Srinagar Sonamarg Thajwaa Day Trek
There's a certain difference in this particular hiking tour compared to the others, for one is a glacier trek and this means that it's one of those high-altitude tours that's cold.

Best Time to Visit: April to November
Route: Srinagar – Sonamarg– Thajwas Glacier
Duration: 1 or 2 Day
Starting From: Rs 3,500 / Per Person

 • Tullian Lake Trek
In Lake Tullian, most medicinal plants live and the lake's pale green water is considered safe enough to drink directly. This area is more pleased with the tour when the eyes of the trekkers are presented with a beautiful panorama.

Best Time to Visit: May to November
Route: Srinagar – Pahalgam - Lidder river – Baisaran - Kanimarg - Tullian Lake
Duration: 2 Days
Starting From: Rs 4,200 / Per Person

 • Lidderwat Short Trek
This trek starts from Pahalgam and our experienced guides and tourists cover the distance to Lidderwat on a journey. After reaching Lidderwat, we explore the forest full of pines and maple trees.

Best Time to Visit: April to November
Route: Srinagar – Pahalgam – Aru Valley – Lidderwat
Duration: 2 Days
Starting From: Rs 4,100 / Per Person

 • Rogan Josh
 • Modur Pulav
 • Marchand
 • Yakhni or Yoghurt Lamb Curry
 • Dum Olav
 • Kashmiri Muji Gaad
 • Aab Gosht
 • Goshtaba
  • Wazwan


Flight: You can book a flight to the airport of Srinagar.

By Road: The National Highway 1-A connects Srinagar to Jammu. Online bus services are very comfortable and cost-effective, and you can book any J&K public transportation company (JKSRTC), both private and luxury luxury busses.
The best idea is a road trip, a personal vehicle. I will advise you to choose the road trip option. You'll see lovely valleys, the beautiful memory of your trip and the view. if, when driving in the curved mountains, you are confident.

Mobile Phone
Light snacks

Note:Take all the medicines that you need for your winter or summer visit. Many of us in Hilly regions are suffering from motion sickness, remember to take medication for that.

Hot water bottle–it helps keep your bed warm and sleeping, especially in case of no central heating. Cold cream / Lip Guard

Thermal Cup –Do not allow hot drinks to enter and help you to enjoy all your hot drinks.

Bring a camera to cover Kashmir's lovely photos. Put it in a secure camera bag and hold an additional memory card if you want to.
From November to January, you will experience winter as no other in this snow country. There is a list of things you have to offer to those of you who were not in this snowy area (and also to those who had):

NOTE: Kashmir is a beautiful place and no one will be able to cover it in one trip or 10 to 12 days.

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