How to pack for different packing sites

When planning a camping trip there are certain items that you will need wherever you decide to camp, however for some destinations you will need certain extras or at least consider different options. Camping on a beach, in a forest or at a ski resort will all come with its different needs and planning. 
Well, whichever trip you are going on here are some things you won’t be able to live without on your camping trip and a few tips on how to pack smarter. Plus, some extra ideas for different camping destinations too.


1. Tent, sleeping bags and more

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Of course, the first things you need on a camping trip is your camping gear. Depending on how you are traveling will determine what you can physically bring with you. A tent and sleeping bags are the main things you will need plus cookware and somewhere to store food if you are cooking for yourself.
If you are packing in your car and driving to your campsite then you might want to bring along camping chairs and a table to make your stay more comfortable. If you are backpacking on foot however, you will want to save as much weight and space as you can, so forget about it.

2. Clothing that can be layered

You don’t want to pack too much clothing when camping, but you will need spares in case you get muddy or wet and need to change. Bringing clothing that can be layered depending on the weather is the best thing to do. Plus, you will need essentials such as a waterproof jacket, walking boots or shoes, good socks, a hat and swimwear.
When packing clothing for a camping trip, you should use travel packing cubes to keep your clothing clean, separated and organized too. This was you can keep that dirty laundry away from your clean clothes and if using waterproof ones, you’ll keep everything dry.

3. Toiletries and other essentials

Bring small toiletries and a towel for washing as well as a tea towel for your cooking and eating items. A torch (flashlight) is another essential for those dark nights, and a battery powered lantern for inside the tent too.

4. Safety items 

A first aid kit is a must, even if it is a basic one and any medication with extras in case of emergency. Having a map and extra batteries/charging stations for mobile devices are also a good idea so you don’t get lost and can contact someone if you get into trouble.
Oh, another thing: Please let someone know your destination or your route. You don’t want your family or friends back home to grow worried sick about you.

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