A Perfect Weekend Trip To Jibhi And Jalori Pass

A view of Tirthan Valley

Thursday was going usual in office work and city’s hustle-bustle. In the evening I got call of my friend and what he asked me to look at our chat below:
Me: hello
He: kal Friday hai chal na kahin weekend trip pe chalte hai, Road trip pe??
Me: chalo Jibhi and Jalori pass chalte hai, mast weekend ho jayega.
He: ye kaha hai?? Monday taka a jayenge?? Chal sale tu blogger hai sahi hi leke jayega …chal chalte hai..

Close your eyes and imagine that your hair is the loudest sound you hear is a duck, a babbling river, or a storm of water. A spot with all the green and blue colors. An area surrounded by snowy mountains where you sit in a greenhouse. Okay, it's not just imagination, it's in Himachal Pradesh a small village called Jibhi, a refuge that's unexplored.

Jibhi,Himachal Pardesh During Winters.

About Jibhi

In the last few years, Jibhi has been a great tourist destination. Previously here, guesthouses and visitors rarely existed. But as social media and the beauty of the Jalori Pass become more and more known, a growing number of tourists arrive to this mountain station too.
The closest the chilling spot is Jibhi! You only want to read a book next to the water, so Jibhi is for you. You want to do anything. The site is surrounded by greenery and you will feel completely at peace as soon as you walk in the area through the forest land.

Roads Are Covered During Snow in Jibhi.

How to reach
Through road the best way to get to Jibhi is. We know that not everybody is from or around Delhi, so time might be a constraint for people traveling from other places. We've listed all 3 transit options in this case and pick anything that fits your budget and time.

Jibhi is approximately 496 km from Delhi and this is how you can get there-

1.       Bus: You can take a direct HRTC bus from Delhi to Manali to Aut, which is 33 km from Jibhi. You can also take a bus to Aut. Then, you can take a cab to Rs.1000 to Jibhi, but the drivers don't bargain. We suggest you take the night bus early in the morning to Aut. Why in the morning should you get to Aut? Because you can't afford to miss morning drive to Jibhi.

2.       Train: Shimla is the closest station to Manali if you plan to come by rail. I suggest you go down to Chandigarh instead because you can easily find buses from here to Manali.

3.       Air:  Bhuntar in Kullu is the closest airport to Jibhi. Although I won't propose you fly to this place, because comparing the rates to Delhi is expensive.

We knew where we wanted to go first when we reached Jibhi. We came across No Society Café during our research about Jibhi, both owned by Mr. Piyush, localities.

Jibhi Waterfall

Jibhi waterfall is right in the middle of the forest and the vehicle can not go inside the forest area anyway. Until reaching the final destination you must pass several wooden bridges. You will also see the rainbow glitter over the waterfall if you are lucky and choose the right time (mostly in the mornings). Hopefully, you and your friends will enjoy your time in the water. It's calming very well.

Jibhi Waterfall, Himachal Pardesh.

Chehni Kothi

It is 7 kilometers from Chehni village and most of the route ends approximately 1.5 km from the Chehni tower. It is about 5 kilometers away. We have decided to walk along the entire route that goes through the thick cedar and pine forest-lined with apple groves.
Nonetheless, you won't regret the hike. It's breathtaking and provides panoramic views as you stroll through dense pine forest. Thinking about a piece of its history, the 1905 quake. Today, Chehni Fort is a five-story structure.

 Shringa Rishi Temple

A brief route from Jibhi takes you to the temple of Sheshnag which lies in the middle of a picturesque wilderness. Sheshnaag is allegedly another god, presiding over Banjar besides Shringa Rishi.
Temple is More then 500 years old. Wooden architecture appeared as ancient, but the temple's present age remains unresolved. Go to the trail and enjoy the lush wildlife. You will definitely relax your senses by spending time at the site.

Jalori pass

Jalori is Delhi's nearest mountain pass, which is 10,500 meters above sea level in the Kullu valley. The roads are decently built from Jibhi to Shoja village according to valley standards, but the climb gets very steep after Shoja. It's not advisable to drive on this road without a good mountain driving experience.

Based on the snow conditions, the pass closes in the extreme winter. In the winter, check the road conditions first if you visit the pass.

Serolsar lake

You have to go 5 km from Jalori Pass to reach this lake. The lake is surrounded by thick forest and the lake is known as sacred. On the side of the lake is also a small Buddha Nagini.

Best Time to Travel Jibhi

Okay, it depends a lot on the environment of Jibhi that you want to observe. If you are asking me, I will go to this place between January and March, but if you wish to see Jibhi full of greenery and flowers, then the spring season will be for you. I love winter. It is primarily from March to June. In the season, we can also visit the meadows with the flora around and the Apple Orchards.

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